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Samatt Research Services, Inc. is a professional investigation agency specializing in real estate management firms, property managers, and co-op and condominium boards.

Illegal tenancies, such as non-primary residence, continue to be a major problem for property owners in New York City. Landlords can lose thousands of dollars in monthly income on a single unit not legally entitled to below-market rent.

The burden of proof in these illegal tenancies lies with the landlord. We help you establish the proof you need.

obtain airtight evidence via covert video

We are the only N.Y.S. Licensed Private Investigation agency that documents and reviews CCTV tape.

Let our documented tape review and equipment make your case when your 'paper trail falls apart,' or if you just want that extra base hit that allows you to win!

confidential investigations

Samatt's investigative techniques and professional reports ensure that our clients "make the case" and retrieve their property. With our help, clients recover their unit through the court process or with minimal out-of-court settlements.

Our many years of experience in the real estate field allows us to coordinate all phases of the investigation with your attorney or property management representative.

We work within the court's strict adherence to the time guidelines set forth for non-renewal of leases.

Our professional investigators have been called upon to conduct successful investigations in the following areas:

  • Non-Primary Residence Investigations
  • Illegal Sublets
  • Background Investigations
  • Illegal Activity in the Apartment/Building
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Pre-Tenant Screening
  • Building Security Negligence
  • Audio/Video Surveillance


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Samatt Research
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